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Looking For a New Home

Roxy - is a little red/white bitch, neutered and healthy, aged 8 years. She is excellent

in the home, is used to and likes children, and is happy to welcome visitors.

Roxy is not very happy when travelling in the car, but short journeys should be


However, Roxy has real issues with other dogs. Her present owners have exhausted

all possible efforts to encourage her to relax is doggy company, but she clearly has

deep seated issues and is now unlikely to accept the presence of other dogs – and cats

receive similar treatment! In the home she is calm, friendly, affectionate, and great

company so we are looking for a new family for her where her longstanding issues

will not be a problem.

Roxy needs a home, preferably in a rural environment, where she is the only family

pet. Ideally that home will have a large well fenced garden where she can play

safely, and occasionally go out for walks where she is unlikely to meet any other dog

walkers. Although Roxy is at present used to being left for some time each day, we

would love to find her a home where she would have human company for most of the


If you would like to discuss Roxy with us or have any further questions, please ring

Norfolk Boxer Rescue Sue on 01603 890655


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Norfolk Boxer Rescue

01603 890655

Norfolk Boxer Rescue (NBR) was founded in its present form in 1987 by members of Broadland Boxer Training Club, as it was clear that there was an ever increasing number of Boxers that needed re-homing for a variety of reasons. A committee was formed and a band of volunteers was recruited to help with vetting homes, as well as collecting and delivering dogs from all parts of Norfolk.

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