About us.

Norfolk Boxer Rescue (NBR) was founded in its present form in 1987 by members of Broadland Boxer Training Club, as it was clear that there was an ever increasing number of Boxers that needed re-homing for a variety of reasons. A committee was formed and a band of volunteers was recruited to help with vetting homes, as well as collecting and delivering dogs from all parts of Norfolk. In the event, as there is no similar organisation in Suffolk, so we also cover this county.


There are many reasons why people have to part with their Boxers. It could be due to relationship breakdowns, change in family circumstances, repossessions, moving abroad, illness in the family, etc. Our task at NBR is to find a suitable alternative home in these and similar circumstances.

Not many cases of blatant cruelty or neglect come our way, but there have been a few, and we have to be extra careful in finding the right new home in these cases.


All prospective homes are vetted personally by a member of our team. We check that there is someone home for most of the day, that they will be capable enough to handle a Boxer, that fencing is adequate and that the whole family, not just one member, wants to share their home with a Boxer. The size of the home is not really so important, providing that new owners are prepared to exercise the dog regularly. We try and match the dog as closely as possible to its family. For example, if we know a dog adores children then we will try to place that dog within a family with children.


We are only funded by donations and our own fund-raising activities, and all members of our team are volunteers. We use the services of a first class private boarding kennel when we need to, and have an excellent Vet who takes a great interest in our work and helps us enormously when a sick or injured dog comes in. We also use dog behaviourists and trainers if a Boxer needs a bit of "education" before he goes to his new home. It is really amazing how quickly and willingly a dog can learn in the right hands, and we are very lucky to have the services of these people.


Once a dog has been placed, we leave it for about 6 weeks and then do a follow up visit to make sure all is well. However, we never ever lose touch with one of our rescues, so they are invited to our Events which we hold at least twice a year. Up to 50 Boxers all together on their day out is quite a sight to behold, and they love it! And we love to see them as it makes all the time spent on these lovely dogs worth while. We are always willing to help with any problems which may arise and are only at the end of the phone if owners want advice.