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Norfolk Boxer Rescue NEEDS YOU !


From time to time boxer dogs come to us at very short notice, it usually happens when we do not have a prospective adoptive home immediately available.  In these circumstances we have no alternative but to place the dog into kennels.  This is very costly as well as being an added and unwanted disruption in the life of the rescued dog.  However, there is an alternative!

We are, therefore, looking to compile a list of people willing to foster, on a short term and perhaps at short notice, a boxer, who through no fault of its own, needs a home.  We have had such wonderful people in the past, but experience has shown that these foster carers become so attached to the dogs that they very often go on to adopt them.  This of course is wonderful, but it does result in our foster carer list diminishing.We are now starting a new list can we put your name on it?  If you feel able to help and want more information please forward your details to


HOBO - is a red and white, one year old, neutered and healthy male.  He is looking for a new home as he is an excessively lively, exuberant young boxer. His enthusiasm knows no bounds round  people.  He knows his basic commands but needs training with a knowledgable boxer owner as although he has good recall, his lead skills are lacking and as he is so young would benefit from some training lessons. 
Hobo is friendly with everyone and has a lovely, happy nature.  He loves children but is like a bulldozer round them so would ideally be rehomed with older children at least in their teens but mainly with someone at home for most of the day as he suffers with seperation anxiety when left alone. He could live with a friendly female but probably not cats.
Hobo is in kennels at the moment but we would really like to get him into a home environment and possibly on a foster basis.
​  ​ He really is unhappy in the kennels but they are giving a glowing report on him and feel he is easily trainable.
If you feel you can offer Hobo a home or a foster please call Sue Fox on 01603 890655

 JESSI is a 19 month old red and white boxer female. She is not spayed
but up to date with vaccinations. She is good with children and other
dogs but chases cats, and as usual she is quite boisterous but otherwise
well trained and a good family dog. Jessi is not destructive when
left, but can get a bit depressed and as she is being left for long
periods of time her family have decided that it is unfair on her and
have put her up for rehoming. If you feel you can offer Jessi a home
please call Sue Fox on 01603 890655.


NBR regrets that, due to the difficulty of arranging home visits and subsequent aftercare, they can only consider homes within NORFOLK and SUFFOLK.

Usually when Boxer dogs are given to us for rehoming, we can check our records of those people who have already expressed an interest in adopting a rescue Boxer and a match can be found. If you would like to be added for when a dog becomes available please complete the online application so that we can contact you or call Sue Fox on 01603 890655.  Occasionally the preferences or circumstances of our registered potential adopters do not match exactly with those of the dog to be rehomed and we have to re-advertise. We are doing so now for the following dog(s).

If you feel you can offer one of our dogs a home please contact us:


35 Waterloo Road, Hainford, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 3AX



Tel: 01603 890655 / 01473 401514